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Spray-On Undercoating

Protect Your Undercarriage with ValuGard at LINE-X of SWFL

Rustproof Your Undercarriage

Rust and environmental elements, both natural and man-made, can attack the sheet metal of your vehicle. Protect against elements that can cause rust-through from the inside out. ValuGard Rustproofing from LINE-X of SWFL penetrates crevices and cavities to form a clear, waterproof, salt and magnesium chloride resistant seal for a completely protective undercoating.

ValuGard Undercoating seals your vehicle underside against road salt, dirt, stone, gravel, as well as the salt and brackish waters of Southwest Florida. The asphalt-based, self-healing formula acts as a sound deadener and helps insulate your vehicle from heat and cold.

Rustproof Your Undercoating with ValuGard | Proudly Provided by LINE-X of SWFL

The Undercoating Recommended By Vehicle Manufacturers

The following companies approve and endorse the use of ValuGard

What Are The Results?

Backed by on-going, rigorous testing by vehicle manufacturer Engineering Departments

  • PDoesn't interfere or harm modern electronics on vehicles
  • PWill function properly with & not damage modern paint, fabric cloth and leather/vinyl used on vehicles
  • PIs safe for trained workers to apply as well as for consumers to have on their vehicles
  • PPerforms prevention as advertised for: paint damage, stains on interiors, corrosion from salt or brackish waters
  • PProper application process of these chemicals does not cause damage to vehicles (no drilling of holes in paint or ECoat from factory)

A Great Investment for Pool Service Trucks

Seal out harmful corrosive elements from your pool cleaning supplies!

Not only does ValuGard’s protective undercoating improve the appearance of your vehicle’s underbody, it also extends the life of your commercial fleet by reducing or completely halting the rust corrosion and paint damage that typically occurs. Combine this undercoating with our commercial bedliner application for some of the best rust protection available in Southwest Florida!